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How Much Does the Hawaii Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

A Hawaii medical marijuana card, also known as 329 Registry card, is required to buy medical cannabis at dispensaries in the state. This card is available to patients and caregivers joining the Hawaii Medical Cannabis Registry. In addition to residents, Hawaii also requires out-of-state patients to apply for its 329 card if they wish to buy, possess, and consume cannabis for medical purposes while visiting. Visitors need to provide medical marijuana cards issued in their home states and be diagnosed with medical conditions approved for medical cannabis in Hawaii. Residents applying for Hawaii’s 329 Registry card must provide medical cannabis certifications issued by physicians and advanced practice registered nurses (ARPNs) registered to practice in the state.

Cost of Physician Consultation

To be eligible to provide a patient medical cannabis certification in Hawaii, a physician must have a state-issued medical license and controlled substance license. ARPNs certifying patients for medical marijuana must have the authority to prescribe drugs. Patients must have bona fide care relationships with the doctors or ARPNs certifying them for medical marijuana use and have confirmed diagnoses of qualifying debilitating health conditions. The cost of the provider visit to obtain a medical cannabis certification varies from practice to practice. Generally, this consultation would cost a patient $100 - $400.

Hawaii requires patients renewing their medical marijuana registration and cards to consult their certifying physicians or ARPNs. This renewal consultation, however, can be conducted online via telehealth services. The cost of this follow-up visitation is likely to be lower than the fee for the initial consultation.

Hawaii Medical Cannabis Card Fee

When joining the Hawaii Medical Cannabis Registry, a patient or caregiver who is also a resident of the state must pay a fee of $38.50. In addition, the Department of Health charges a $16.50 fee to change the details submitted during the registration. The registration fee for out-of-state patients is $49.50. Out-of-state minors applying for the Hawaii 329 card must designate caregivers.

The cost of renewing a Hawaii medical cannabis card is the same as the registration fee paid during initial registration. In-state patients renewing their cards for another year would pay $38.50. However, if they are applying for a 2-year renewal, they would pay $77.

The Hawaii Department of Health provides digital 329 Registry cards to in-state and out-of-state patients and caregivers. They can print this card if they wish to have physical copies. However, the Department will send physical medical cannabis cards to patients and caregivers without online accounts in the Hawaii Medical Cannabis Registry.

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