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What License Types Exist in Hawaii?

Hawaii has two marijuana license types, both of which apply to the state's medical cannabis program. These are medical cannabis dispensary license and medical cannabis testing laboratory license.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary License

This license type allows businesses to grow, process, and dispense cannabis and cannabis products to registered medical marijuana patients and caregivers in line with the provisions of Chapter 329D of the Hawaii Revised Statutes. A medical marijuana dispensary licensee can have up to two dispensaries and two cultivation centers, and they may grow a maximum of 3,000 marijuana plants in each center.

As of June early 2024, application for the Hawaii medical cannabis dispensary license is closed. The state closed application for this license on January 29, 2016 and has not issued more licenses besides the initial ones approved then. Hawaii allows each licensee to open two dispensary locations and two cannabis production facilities. It charged $75,000 as license fee. The cost of renewing this license is $50,000.

Medical Cannabis Testing Laboratory License

This license permits laboratories to test marijuana and marijuana products for contamination, consistency, and content before they are dispensed at licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

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